Cycling through the Tramuntana. Port de Sóller - Deià - Valldemossa route

One of the main attractions of the north coast of Mallorca is, without a doubt, the roads that cross the Tramuntana mountain range. Masterpieces of engineering that allow us to enjoy incredible landscapes either by car, on foot or by bicycle. With good weather in most months of the year, visiting the Valley of Sóller is always a good option, and even more so if you are a lover of sports such as cycling. As the starting point for an infinite number of routes, the Sóller Valley allows you to enjoy this sport in a privileged environment. On roads that cross indescribable landscapes and in a place full of nature, fresh air and peace. So today we are going to talk about cycling in the Tramuntana, and specifically about one of the routes that we most recommend if you are located in the Port de Sóller: the Port de Sóller - Deià - Valldemossa route. 

The Port de Sóller - Deià - Valldemossa route is a cycling route that perfectly combines and defines the landscape in which we find ourselves. With mountain sections and others on roads that run alongside the Mediterranean, this route allows you to enjoy cycling and at the same time discover one of the most beautiful areas of Mallorca. It is also a peculiar route as it can be done in two completely different ways: There is the circular option and the direct round trip option. Let's talk about both!

To do this route, leave the Aimia Hotel in the direction of Palma along the main road in the Sóller Valley until you reach the entrance to the Sóller Tunnel. At this point you turn off to the left and begin the ascent to the Coll de Sóller mountain pass. This section runs along the old Sóller road. A winding road with 420 metres of gradient that crosses the Tramuntana mountain range. During the ascent you will see unique Mediterranean landscapes. Almond trees, carob trees, holm oak trees, etc. All kinds of vegetation of the island, as well as some centenary possessions. Once we reach the top of the Coll de Sóller we will find a viewpoint located right next to a restaurant that crowns the mountain pass. At this point you can stop for a while or continue your route and start the descent on the other side of the Coll de Sóller. After crossing the Sierra de Tramuntana through the pass, after about 35-40 minutes, you will come to a fairly long straight road that you must follow until you reach the fourth roundabout. At this point, turn right towards s'Esgleieta. Continuing along this road, we will cross flatter fields with carob trees and reach another roundabout located just in front of a picturesque bar. Here you turn right towards Valldemossa and begin the ascent to one of the most beautiful municipalities in the Tramuntana

When you reach Valldemossa, we recommend a stop to eat one of the famous potato cakes from the bakery of Ca'n Molinas, located in the main shopping street of the municipality. Then, after this break, we will continue our route until we reach a detour on the right which indicates the road to Deià. At this point, and after leaving the Valldemossa petrol station on your right, you will enter the Deià road. Another unique road that runs alongside the Mediterranean Sea and offers incredible views of the sea, the coast and the Tramuntana mountains. After passing through emblematic places of the island such as Sa Foradada or Son Marroig, we will arrive at the picturesque and bohemian village of Deià. A small town in the Tramuntana where we always recommend a stop to discover its essence, its cultural character and its passion for art and creativity; so much so that it has been home and place of inspiration for great artists such as Robert Graves, Michael Douglas or Tom Hanks among others. Then, after our stop, we will begin our descent back to the Sóller Valley along the Deià road. A stretch that at one point will reveal a fantastic view of the entire Sóller Valley from a unique perspective. Finally you will reach the roundabout at the Bar Stop. At this point we turn off to the left onto the main Sóller road, which will take us back to the Aimia Hotel.

Another less arduous option for enjoying the north coast of Mallorca and visiting these fantastic towns in the Tramuntana is to follow the direct route back and forth along the same road. In this way, we will leave the Aimia Hotel on the first line until we take the main road to the Port and reach a detour on the right that will lead us to Deià. After ascending, we will reach the picturesque municipality described above, which we will leave behind to reach Valldemossa. This is the furthest point on our route with this option. Finally, after visiting Valldemossa, we will return to Puerto de Sóller by the same route. 

Whichever route we choose, it is important to point out that although there are differences between the two in terms of distance, elevation gain and time, both routes are of medium difficulty and for this reason we do not recommend them to people who do not usually cycle, as they can be difficult. However, if you are passionate about this sport, these routes are perfect to enjoy it to the fullest and exercise in a unique privileged environment surrounded by nature, the sea breeze and incredible landscapes and paths. Undoubtedly a perfect way to get to know the north coast of Mallorca. If you are staying at our hotel and would like more information about these or other cycling routes in the Tramuntana, as well as places where you can rent a bike in Puerto de Sóller, do not hesitate to ask our reception team, who will be happy to help you.




Duration: 2 hour and 30 min. approx. 
Difficulty: Medium 
Total difference in altitude: 1000m 
Distance: 51km
Route: Port de Sóller - Coll de Sóller - s'Esgleieta - Valldemossa - Deià - Sóller - Port de Sóller  


Duration: 2 hours approx. 
Difficulty: Medium 
Total height difference: 600m 
Distance: 30km
Route: Port de Sóller - Deià - Valldemossa - Deià - Sóller - Port de Sóller