Christmas in the Sóller Valley. A magical time in the Tramuntana.

Christmas is approaching, a time full of excitement, family, friends and places decorated with all kinds of Christmas lights and decorations. It is a time of great joy all over the world and a perfect time to discover picturesque places. Incredible and magical places that during these special dates are filled with a very special festive atmosphere, full of history and tradition. That is why today we are going to talk about one of these magical places: the Valley of Sóller. A perfect place to relax and discover another way of experiencing Christmas surrounded by nature and Mallorcan customs. So today we will discover the Christmas festivities in the Valley of Sóller, its port and its surroundings and how these festivities are experienced in the heart of the Tramuntana mountain range.

The start of Christmas in the Sóller Valley comes at the beginning of December with the Fira de la Il-lusió (Illusion Fair). Three days of fair and tradition in which different activities are held for social purposes for all audiences. During the days of the fair, we can enjoy the Christmas craft stalls set up in the Plaça Constitució and all the local shops in the centre of the municipality, which offer unique discounts for Christmas shopping. We can also enjoy hot chocolate and roasted chestnuts sold for the benefit of school trips for all the children from the different schools in the town, as well as various concerts, children's games and one of the most special elements for the little ones: Santa Claus' magical forest! A spectacular Christmas assembly for children of all ages where they can meet and give a postcard or a drawing to Santa Claus! But that's not all. Another popular activity of this fair is the Christmas shop window competition of the shops of both Sóller and Port de Sóller. A competition that allows us to discover magnificent Christmas compositions in the local shops while we take a pleasant stroll through the municipality. The Fira de la Il-lusió is usually held around the 6th, 7th and 8th of December and is a fantastic fair to start to feel the Christmas spirit.

On the afternoon of the 24th of December, the magic of this day begins in the bay of the Port of Sóller, where Santa Claus flies over and then delivers some presents in the area of Sa Torre, next to the Platja d'En Repic, while carols are sung and hot chocolate is offered to all those present. It is important to note that Santa Claus also flies over the centre of Sóller, so you will also be able to see him if you are not in the port. In the afternoon, the "Matines" are celebrated in several of the churches in the municipality. This mass, known as the Missa del Gall, commemorates the birth of Christ and has its most emotional moment with the famous Cant de la Sibil-la, a song of medieval origin that attracts many visitors as it has a strong tradition in Mallorca. In the valley of Sóller this performance is usually given by someone from the municipality itself and it is a very special and emotional moment of the Christmas festivities that we recommend you experience. The "Matines" in the Sóller Valley are usually held at 18.00h in the neighbouring municipality of Fornalutx, at 19.00h in the church of Es Convent and in the parish church of Sant Bartomeu, at 20.30h in the church of Sant Ramón in Puerto de Sóller and at 21.00h in the church of L'Horta.

Once the "Matines" are over, and as in many places around the world, it is a tradition to have dinner with the family, and for this reason most of the inhabitants of the Sóller Valley get together with their families to celebrate Christmas Eve at home. After dinner and the after-dinner conversation, the townspeople take a stroll through the centre of Sóller and enjoy the concerts with local groups for all tastes that are held well into the night in the Plaça Constitució decorated with Christmas lights and the large tree in the Plaça de s'Alamenda.


The start of Christmas Day in the Sóller Valley is no different from almost everywhere else in the world: with the children going to collect the presents that Santa Claus has brought. After opening the presents it is traditional to eat "coques de Nadal", so if you are near the centre you are likely to see long queues at all the bakeries to buy this typical aniseed sweet. On Christmas morning the famous Missa de Nadal is also celebrated, at 10.30 am in the Parròquia de Sant Bartomeu and at 12.00 pm in Puerto de Sóller. A unique opportunity to visit these churches and discover their decorations and nativity scenes. At midday, the families get together again, as on Christmas Day it is customary to eat together at home or in a restaurant in the municipality. Although if you would like to eat in Sóller on this day, we suggest you book well in advance. 

December 26th is perhaps one of the best days of the festivities to enjoy the Valley of Sóller, discover its incredible Christmas landscapes and visit our neighbouring municipalities such as Fornalutx, with its beautiful Christmas tree located in the main square of the village and Valldemossa, perfect for enjoying a hot chocolate with one of its famous "coques de patata" (potato cakes). As on Christmas Day, finding a place to eat on this day is quite complicated, however there is one place we recommend if you want to enjoy the second Christmas party and discover incredible views of the Bay of Puerto de Sóller while eating by the fireplace: Es Mirador de Ses Barques, one of the few restaurants open on this day. 

The popular "Cursa Sant Silvestre" kicks off the events of the 31st of December in the Sóller Valley. A popular, non-competitive race which takes place at around 4 pm in the Port of Sóller and in which it is essential to wear Christmas decorations in order to take part. After the race there is hot chocolate for everyone. Finally, after dinner, the villagers gather in the Plaça Constitució to ring in the New Year. From 11.30 p.m. onwards, New Year's concerts are held here, which continue until well into the early hours of the morning after the ringing of the bells. 

One of the most special and magical days for the little ones is 2nd January. At around 11 a.m. the pages of the Three Wise Men arrive by tram in the centre of Sóller and collect the children's letters to hand them over to the Three Wise Men. Finally, on the afternoon of the 5th of January, the Gran Cabalgata de Reyes is held both in Puerto de Sóller and in Sóller. A parade with Christmas floats in which the little ones can meet the Three Wise Men before receiving their presents on the morning of 6th January. 

Visiting the Sóller Valley at Christmas is a perfect plan to get to know the local traditions, customs, people and discover the true essence of this enclave of the Tramuntana at one of the least crowded and touristy times of the year. Undoubtedly a unique opportunity to enjoy a picturesque Christmas in the heart of the Sierra de Tramuntana. If you are staying at our hotel and would like more information about Christmas in Sóller, please do not hesitate to ask our reception team, who will be delighted to help you. Merry Christmas!