Sa Fira i Es Firó de Sóller

The festival and how to experience it

Being in Puerto de Sóller between the second and third week of May is a real privilege, as you will be able to enjoy the biggest festivities in the Sóller Valley: The Sa Fira and Es Firó festivities. Although there are different and varied events during these two weeks, we propose a perfect plan to make the most of the 4 most intense days of these fantastic historical, traditional and cultural festivities. So, how to experience the Friday, Saturday, Sunday of "Sa Fira" and Monday of "Es Firó"? 
As you will already know if you have chosen these dates to visit Sóller, the main reason for this celebration is Es Firó, a historical event which is always held every year on the Monday following the second Sunday in May (this time the 13th of May) and which recreates the invasion of Turkish and Algerian corsairs in the Port of Sóller on 11th May 1561. A historic day on which the inhabitants of the municipality of Sóller managed to repel the attack. But before reaching Monday (the last day of the festivities), there are 3 days of intense celebration in the municipality of Sóller. A festival that you can enjoy to the full during your stay at the Aimia Hotel

Sa Fira Friday officially kicks off the Sa Fira and Es Firó festivities in Sóller. From first thing in the morning there are cultural and children's activities in the Plaça Constitució. However, it is in the afternoon when the big events of the festivities begin. At around 8 p.m., the Plaça Constitució begins to fill with life with the performance of "Batu al Món", a local batucada group that livens up the wait until the "Txupinasso": the moment when a rocket is launched to start the festivities. If you want to enjoy this moment, we advise you to be in the street of Es Born (located between the church and the town hall of Sóller) around 19.00h in order to get a good spot, as the street is completely filled with local people and it is almost impossible to get through. After the "Txupinasso", the locals traditionally go for dinner before the concerts begin, which are held in the same Plaça Constitució from 23.00h until the early hours of the morning. However, although there are many bars and restaurants in the square, almost 100% of them are booked weeks in advance and finding a table is practically impossible. Therefore, we recommend that you return to Puerto de Sóller to dine in a good restaurant such as the Airecel Restaurant at the Aimia Hotel

Sa Fira Saturday is one of the most special days in the centre of Sóller. From 11.00 am there are activities with music in the Plaça Constitució. Activities accompanying the local "mercadillo" (street market) and countless "paradetes" (stalls) with local and artisan products! In the afternoon, at 17.00h, one of the most beautiful and special moments of the festivities takes place: The Solemn Procession or Ofrena de Flors, as it is known in the village. A magical act in which the people of the village dress up in traditional clothes and bring an offering of flowers and citrus fruits to the Mare de Déu. The route runs along the Calle de la Luna to the Parròquia de St. Bartomeu, so we advise you to stand in these streets to enjoy this special moment. After the procession, the raising of the peasant flags is celebrated along with popular and traditional dances. Finally, from 00.00h onwards, there are again concerts with local groups of different genres in the Plaça de l'Alamenda. A perfect plan to enjoy the night in the centre of Sóller

On the Sunday of Sa Fira you can enjoy the countless exhibitions and products located in the centre of Sóller and in the streets of Cetre and Gran Via. So we advise you to go to the centre early in the morning to enjoy activities such as an exhibition of racing cars, a horse show with live demonstrations of shoeing horses, sheep shearing demonstrations, an exhibition of different breeds of horses, an exhibition of country tools, an exhibition of handicrafts and much more! For this reason, we recommend that you let yourself get lost in Sa Fira and enjoy the centre of the municipality, its people and its customs. In the evening, you can enjoy a comedy show in the Plaça Constitució (in Mallorcan), although if you go to the centre of Sóller we recommend you go to the market square, located right next to the Plaça Constitució, to discover another traditional event: the Revetlla d'armes. An event in which the peasants burn rum and sing and dance with performances by local groups Aires Sollerics and Xeremiers de Sóller. Undoubtedly a perfect event before the big day: Es Firó

Es Firó is a peculiar and unforgettable fiesta that will amaze you if you have never experienced it before. It should be said that, although it is a festival that can be enjoyed with the whole family, we do not advise you to experience it with very young children as there are pyrotechnics, smoke and gunpowder cannon shots that can be uncomfortable and inappropriate for the little ones and their ears. Also, in order to be able to participate in the festival as an audience, you must buy a wristband which is sold every Saturday in front of the town hall. Without this wristband you will NOT be able to enter the Plaça Constitució during the festival. Now we are going to live Es Firó

At 15.00h the bells ring: enemy ships have been sighted! Soller's peasants gather in the Plaça dels Estiradors to go to the Battle. It must be said that visiting this square is something very special and not very touristy, however, if we go to see it, we may not be able to see the harangue of Captain Angelats in the square at 15.30h. Therefore, we advise you to go to Plaça dels Estiradors and after a short break to take two photographs, go to Plaça Constitució to experience the harangue. Right after the harangue, we suggest you take the tram (free on this day) and go to the Port to the last stop. Right next to the first battle, that of Ca'n Generós Beach. Afterwards, we advise you to go on foot and without fear to Playa d'en Repic, where the second battle takes place. It is worth mentioning that the local people, especially those who play the corsairs, have a tradition of painting the peasants and tourists, so we advise you to wear old clothes to make the most of it, as it is very likely that you will be painted. After the battles in the port, we recommend you take the tram back up to Plaça Constitució and get a good spot to watch the final battle. Although it is true that there is a battle at Es Pont d'en Barona, near the square, it is advisable to get a good spot and enjoy the end of the festival in the square. See the entrance of the corsairs, that of the peasants and the most beautiful moment of the fiesta: the cant de la Balanguera, at around 9.30 pm. A very special moment when the local people sing this hymn and give thanks to the Mare de Deu for the victory. 

To be able to experience the festivities of Sa Fira i Es Firó is to be able to experience some of the most special days for the people of Sóller, magical days full of tradition, history, culture, spring and colour in the Valley of Sóller. If you are staying at the Aimia Hotel do not hesitate to ask us any questions or ask us where to pick up the programme of festivities or buy the wristbands to live the festivities of Sa Fira i Es Firó in Sóller to the fullest.