20 years ago today, on the 20th of May 2004, the Aimia Hotel opened its doors. It's our anniversary!

20 years ago today, on the 20th of May 2004, the Aimia Hotel opened its doors. To celebrate this special date, Tolo, the hotel's manager, tells us a little about his experience over the last 20 years.

Located in the heart of Puerto de Sóller, from the beginning it was a hotel that sought to create and offer a magical, relaxed and exclusive space to enjoy unforgettable days in this fantastic port on the North Coast of Mallorca. A Mediterranean style hotel that has been growing and improving year after year, offering today a unique experience that goes beyond being just a place to stay during our holidays. An experience that we would undoubtedly not be able to offer without the different teams and the respective colleagues who work daily to offer us an unforgettable holiday. A highly experienced team led by Tolo, director of the Aimia Hotel, who has managed to become part of the family for many of our guests who, year after year, return to enjoy a few days in Puerto de Sóller with us. A loyalty of which we are very proud and which in turn is one of the most important objectives of the values that define the Aimia Hotel and its director.

That is why today we are going to get to know Tolo, director of the Aimia Hotel, a little more about his work, his values and his objectives as director. Goals and work that contribute to making the Aimia Hotel a perfect place to live an authentic, close and familiar Mediterranean experience during your holidays in Puerto de Sóller. 



Tolo's beginnings in the sector date back to the summer of 1996, when he decided to spend a few months in Germany to perfect his language skills. At that time, the language was already beginning to stand out among the visitors who enjoyed their holidays in Mallorca. After that period of time, and after finishing her studies in Tourism, she started working at the Hotel Belmont la Residencia, a renowned hotel located in Deià. There he worked for a year as receptionist. After his time at La Residencia he started working as head of reception at one of the first hotels in Puerto de Sóller. A hotel that was located right where the Aimia Hotel is now. This period lasted 3 years. A few years in which he began to place great value on the human factor and the personalised treatment of guests. 

After this period, the hotel where he worked underwent a major refurbishment. A reform that led to the birth of the Aimia Hotel in May 2004. A new hotel where he started working as head of reception. A position he held until 2017. Year in which the hotel changed owners and was acquired by the current owners. A period of restructuring in which Tolo began to carry out new administrative and general tasks much more related to management and organisation, until in 2019 he was promoted to assistant manager of the Aimia Hotel. A period that lasted 5 years until, in January of this year 2024, he was appointed director.




During all these years working face to face with guests, Tolo has discovered the value of personalised and close treatment for each guest. A characteristic that defines his direction 100%, being the human value the centre of the experience that he seeks to transmit to all the guests of the Aimia Hotel. That is why accessing Tolo during your stay at the Aimia Hotel is very easy. As he says, "the most important thing to make our guests' stay unforgettable is not only that the room is perfect, but also the personalised treatment they receive and the details that each of them require. Details that make them want to come back to stay with us year after year and that make them remember our colleagues and partners by name when they come back year after year. That is, without a doubt, our greatest satisfaction. To welcome them back". 



Tolo's working day starts around 07.00/7.30h. This is the time he usually arrives at the hotel. Once there, he has a first meeting with the reception team to find out what's new, check-ins, check-outs and details of the day that he needs to know. A routine that he likes to carry out earlier than usual in order to be able to solve in time any setback or need that may arise during the day, thus having time to deal with it. After his meeting with reception, he takes a tour of the hotel facilities to personally check that everything is in order. He then goes to the different departments to check the state of the same with the heads of department and finally goes to his office to check administrative elements and respond to suppliers and manage certain products necessary for the hotel, since with the exception of the kitchen department, -which places the orders itself through our chef Mateo Lobillo-, Tolo is in charge of ordering everything that is missing for the perfect functioning of the Aimia Hotel. From cleaning products to wines for the Airecel Restaurant. A task he likes to carry out himself to ensure that both the guests and our teams have everything they need at all times. Finally, he checks his mail and after checking it he goes back out to the common areas of the hotel, making himself available to all the guests, many of whom are already part of the Aimia Hotel family and who, year after year, return to spend a few magical days in Puerto de Sóller and enjoy them to the full with us, with the personalised service of our team and the occasional chat with Tolo, our director. 


If you are staying at our hotel and want to know more information about activities, tips, destinations of interest or have any questions you want to solve, do not hesitate to ask our reception team, who will be happy to help you.