Sant Joan and Sant Pere in the Port of Sóller

If you are visiting Port de Sóller you will probably know that the most important festivities are the fiestas of Sa Fira i Es Firó and the fiestas of Sant Bartomeu, patron saint of the Valley of Sóller; however, there are two other dates that are just as special, and even more so in some cases, for the inhabitants of Port de Sóller. We are talking about the night of Sant Joan and, more importantly, the Fiestas de Sant Pere. Two festivities also related to saints that are intensely experienced in the Port of this marvellous municipality in the Tramuntana. For all these reasons, today we will talk about these two celebrations which are not so well known by visitors but which, without a doubt, we recommend you enjoy to the maximum if you are in the Sóller Valley during these dates.

As you may already know, the festivities of Saint John's Eve are very much alive in Ciutadella de Menorca, our neighbouring island; however, events are also held in Mallorca on this special date to welcome in the summer. So if you are going to be in Port de Sóller on the 24th of June you are in luck, as you will have the chance to experience one of the most magical, special and Mediterranean nights of the year. During the night of Sant Joan the locals gather on the beach to light small bonfires and candles and welcome the summer. With the fire as a companion, the inhabitants of the port enjoy an aperitif with family and friends while they watch the sunset over the bay of Puerto de Sóller. 

But as well as enjoying a pleasant sunset on the beach, the night is enlivened by music and the performance of devils dancing around the fire. This is a very special tradition in the Sóller Valley, as it has the oldest formation of demons on the island: the Esclatabutzes. Demons who dance around the fire to the rhythm of their drums to welcome the summer. Without a doubt, this is a unique event that we recommend you experience. To do so, simply go to any of the two beaches in the bay of Puerto de Sóller and find your perfect spot. For example, on the beach of Can Generós, located just a two-minute walk from the Aimia Hotel. 

The families of the Port of Sóller are characterised by being part of fishing families who have maintained the trade generation after generation, protecting the traditions and customs of life at sea. These customs have been passed down from father to son over the years. And it is for this reason that the inhabitants of the port experience the Sant Pere festivities in such a special and intense way. 

Although Sant Pere is on the 29th of June, the residents of the Port of Sóller celebrate these festivities in their seafaring neighbourhood of Santa Catalina for several days. These are days in which the patron saint of fishermen is commemorated and a large number of cultural and sporting events are held, as well as musical concerts and other activities for all kinds of audiences and ages. These are very special days in which the fishing roots of the local fishermen take centre stage. 

The Sant Pere festivities are usually held on the weekend closest to the 29th of June, from Thursday to Saturday. The events begin on Thursday afternoon in the Church of Sant Ramon with the Pregó, a speech that kicks off the festivities, and a concert of traditional music to end the evening with an aperitif on the main quay of the Port. 

On Friday, various activities are held for children, such as drawing competitions and traditional children's games in the Santa Catalina neighbourhood. And it is in the afternoon that the most special events for the fishermen of the port take place: the Mass in honour of Sant Pere, patron saint of fishermen. And the subsequent procession in which Sant Pere is paraded through the centre of the port. These are undoubtedly very beautiful events that we recommend you discover. Finally, late at night, live music concerts and DJ's are held until the early hours of the morning on the main quay of the Port. 

On Saturday cultural activities continue to be held in the port such as the open day at the Museu de la Mar, a unique opportunity to visit this wonderful museum and its viewpoint completely free of charge, stroll through the picturesque fishing quarter of Santa Catalina and discover its small artisan shops as well as the only wine and aperitif cellar in the area, the Coupage. Without a doubt a great visit to better understand the fishing culture of the area and to buy some wine or snacks made in Mallorca before enjoying a wonderful Mediterranean dinner with fresh and seasonal products in the Airecel Restaurant, located inside the Aimia Hotel. Finally, after dinner, live music concerts are held again on the main quay to conclude the Port of Sóller festivities.

The night of Sant Joan and the Fiestas de Sant Pere are not only celebrated in the Valley of Sóller, but there are other alternatives for enjoying these festivities during your holidays in Mallorca. Around the 24th of June, the neighbouring municipality of Deià celebrates its most important festivities: The festivities of Sant Joan, patron saint of Deià. So an alternative after enjoying the eve of Sant Joan in Port de Sóller is to visit Deià and discover first-hand what the traditional Mediterranean festivities are like. A festival in which you will find concerts and cultural events throughout the night. If you are considering this option, we recommend that you take a taxi (the journey takes about 15 minutes). 

On the other hand, as for the festivities of Sant Pere, you should know that festivities are also held in the municipality of Esporles, located some 40 minutes from Port Sóller. This is another alternative to discover more of the Sierra de Tramuntana during some of its most traditional festivities and to take home a fantastic souvenir of your stay in Mallorca. 

Whichever option you choose, the truth is that visiting the Port of Sóller at the end of June is a magnificent opportunity to get to know the place and some of its neighbouring municipalities in a magical and special way. Its people, its customs, its traditions and, in short, to discover these fantastic places in a unique way that only happens once a year! If you are staying at our hotel and would like more information about these festivities, do not hesitate to ask our reception team, who will be happy to answer all your questions. 


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