The Aimia from the inside

Find out how we create the experience!

As many of you already know, Hotel Aimia is a small hotel located in the heart of Puerto de Sóller, next to the beach of Ca'n Generós. A four-star hotel where we seek to create an environment of peace, tranquillity, exclusivity, privacy and comfort to make you feel at home at all times. A unique Mediterranean experience that is possible thanks to the work of our different teams and colleagues, who are constantly seeking to offer a unique space and experience in which to relax and enjoy the Port of Sóller in a much more personalised way. That's why today we want to tell you about our teams! Welcome to Aimia Hotel from the inside!


There are several teams that make up our hotel, however, today we will talk about three of the most important ones, which coordinate the work in a very efficient way in order to be able to offer the best of our versions to our guests.


Our reception team consists of 5 people, thus offering a 24-hour reception service. At 07.00h in the morning, when the day team comes in, they check the day's entries and prepare to welcome our guests. As many of you already know, at the Aimia Hotel we take the guest experience very seriously, always trying to offer a personalised holiday with a very close treatment from the moment the reservation is made. Proof of this is the high number of guests who return year after year, creating a beautiful relationship with our reception staff, who will help you at any time and with any questions you may have.

Dina, from our reception team

Once the day's check-ins have been reviewed, the reception team gets down to work with the bookings of future guests. Tasks that, together with others, and due to the fact that we are a small hotel, are also carried out by the reception team in combination with other departments. Various tasks such as the management of reservations for both the hotel and our Airecel restaurant, as well as the review of information and marketing tasks that are carried out.

The reception team of the Aimia Hotel works directly with Tolo, our director, providing a very special human factor. A unique and personalised treatment to each one of you, as well as offering you direct help 24 hours a day!

Tolo, Director of the Aimia Hotel



Another of our most important team is the housekeeping team. Their task starts at 7.15am in the morning. This is the time when the team, led by Cati, our head of department, starts cleaning the common areas such as the reception, the breakfast room, the SPA and the bar. A task that allows us to have our spaces impeccable for when our guests come down to enjoy their breakfast.

Our housekeeping team: Aina, Angie, Cati and Silvia


Once the common areas have been cleaned, the housekeeping team cleans all the empty rooms in the hotel, whether or not they are scheduled for check-in on the same day. Once they have been cleaned, Cati distributes the team to the different floors and a trolley of clothes and material is taken up to each floor to start cleaning the occupied rooms. The first rooms to be cleaned are those that have been vacated the same day, which are cleaned and prepared to receive our new guests. For this reason, our housekeeping team reviews the entrances on a daily basis with our reception team.

Silvia, from our housekeeping team


Once these are done, all of our guests' rooms are cleaned so that every day they have their rooms sparkling clean. Finally, around 14.15h the housekeeping team leaves the rooms and returns to go over all the common areas before preparing the work for the next day together with the reception team.



As we have already mentioned, the Aimia Hotel is a small hotel with a personalised service. That is why our dining room team not only works in the restaurant, but also manages breakfast and our bar. At the head of our dining room team is Yazmina, our Maitre, who has been working at the Aimia Hotel for more than 15 years. The dining room team is made up of about 8 people who, under Yazmina's guidance, work in direct coordination with our kitchen and reception teams.

Yazmina, Maitre of the Airecel Restaurant

The day starts at 07.00h, when the team prepares to serve breakfast. Once breakfast is finished, Yazmina goes to the kitchen to check with our chef Mateo Lobillo to see if there are any new products or suggestions for the day. She then goes to reception to check with the reception team the number of daily reservations to prepare the midday dining room. A task that is also repeated in the afternoons for the Airecel dinners.

A curious fact is that as this team is in charge of 3 different areas: restaurant, breakfast and bar, it is a team that always rotates between the three areas, which means that the treatment with our guests is always close and personalised. Finally, after dinner, the dining room team prepares the dining room for the next day, which is ready to enjoy, once again, the gastronomic experience of the Aimia Hotel.


Part of the Aimia Hotel team

Our hotel is a hotel that aims for a direct and personal relationship with our guests, creating unique relationships that seek to offer an excellent and comfortable service for each and every one of you. A service that we can offer thanks to our different teams and the professionals that compose them, thus providing a unique space to enjoy your holidays in Puerto de Sóller in a very special way!

We look forward to seeing you at the Aimia Hotel!