Nestled between the Mediterranean Sea and the Tramuntana Mountains, Sóller Valley is renowned for its picturesque setting, rich cultural heritage, century-old railway, charming tram, distinctive architecture, and a myriad of hiking and cycling routes. These elements collectively make this municipality in Mallorca one of the most special and unique destinations in the Balearic Islands. However, one of its standout features is its gastronomy.

With signature products like the Sóller Prawn and Sóller oranges, this corner of the Tramuntana boasts an exceptional culinary offering that captures the essence of Mediterranean cuisine in a unique way. A cuisine that is inseparable from another star product of this Tramuntana locale: the olive oil of Sóller Valley. With its own designation of origin, the municipalities in the Tramuntana region deliver outstanding olive oil. Produced in one of the most special locations in Sóller Valley and the island of Mallorca, The Tafona de Ca’n Det, this olive oil adds a unique flavor to the local culinary scene.

Today, we bring you a special plan to discover this outstanding product from our valley and explore one of Mallorca's most iconic locations: The Excursion to the House and Tafona of Ca’n Det, the oldest oil mill in Mallorca.

The History of Ca’n Det: A Centuries-Old Legacy

The earliest documents mentioning the Can Det family date back to the year 1525, already linking the family to the production of oil and citrus in the 16th century. Since then, and across seventeen generations, this family has continued the production of oil and citrus in Sóller Valley. As the years have passed, they have adapted to modern times while maintaining traditions, adjusting them to contemporary lifestyles. This has posed a significant challenge for a family backed by generations of experience in the sector.


Exploring Ca’n Det: Unveiling the Oldest Olive Mill in Mallorca

To uncover the secrets behind olive oil production at Mallorca's oldest olive mill, your first step is to book a guided tour on Ca’n Det's website. Upon arrival, embark on a journey through the family home, where you'll be warmly welcomed by the owners. They will share centuries-old traditions from Sóller, providing an insider's view into the crafting of the "liquid gold," olive oil, using traditional methods.

It's worth noting that if you visit Tafona between October 15 and January 15, you might witness live oil production, depending on the workload at the mill. During the tour, explore the historic house, the garden, and the olive mill, concluding with a delightful tasting in the family dining room. The tasting includes typical Mallorcan bread, Can Det olives, ramallet tomatoes, and freshly squeezed natural orange juice.

Undoubtedly, this visit exemplifies the Exceptional Universal Value (EUV) that led UNESCO to declare the Serra de Tramuntana a World Heritage Site in 2011. This recognition safeguards the Sierra, stretching from Pollença to Andratx, passing through the Valle de Sóller, emphasizing the mutual respect between humans and nature.

This balance has transformed the original natural environment over the years, utilizing resources more efficiently and intelligently. Characteristic elements of the Tramuntana, such as dry stone terraces known as "merjades," where olives and citrus are cultivated, or centuries-old structures guiding water through the Sierra de Tramuntana, contribute to its majestic landscape.

Spaces at Ca’n Det: A Journey through History and Tradition

During the visit, explore over 1,400 square meters between the stately home and the olive mill, housing the restored 16th-century olive mill. Wander through a beautiful garden and other spaces designated for both family and business purposes. Enter the house through a grand half-point arch leading to a stone-clad entrance, a typical Tramuntana architectural feature.

After exploring the ground floor, visit the first and second floors, where bedrooms and lounges that housed the Can Det family for decades are located. Next, venture into Mallorca's oldest olive mill, honored with the Medal of Honor and Gratitude from the Island of Mallorca for its historical significance and being documented since the 16th century.

Restored and electrified in 1942, the mill still operates with machinery installed by Guillermo Deyà Ozonas, the current owners' grandfather. It remains the only olive mill in the Balearic Islands using the traditional system—a mill with three conical stones atop a stone base measuring 2.5 meters in diameter. Ca’n Det continues to use traditional pressing methods, preserving practices with profound historical and familial significance.

Undoubtedly, a visit highly recommended to discover the historical and gastronomic traditions of the Valle de Sóller and understand the essence of Mallorcan products and the countryside in the Sierra de Tramuntana area!

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Ca’n Det Oil Mill Address:
C/Ozonas no 8 07100 – Sóller – Mallorca

Ca’n Det Website (Reservations and Information):

Duration of the Tour:
Approximately 1 hour, including the tour and tasting.

Ticket Prices:

Adults: €20
Children: €8 (from 4 to 12 years old)