The tram of Sóller

The first electric tram in Mallorca

Tram  of Soller
Tram of soller inside
Tram of soller arrival
Tram of Soller close up

On the 4th of October of 1913 Mallorca’s first electric tram line was inaugurated, running between Sóller and the Port of Sóller. The construction of the Sóller tram began after the inauguration of the Palma to Sóller railway line. The project for this line was designed and directed by Pedro Garau, and 4868 meters of track were laid. One outstanding feature of it is the iron bridge over the Torrent Major which was built by Maquinista Terrestre y Marítima. Initially the tram had an electric power station located in the Sóller station. The station was fed by a 65 horsepower explosion engine which worked a Siemens-Schuckert dynamo, providing a continuous 600 volt current. Although the Sóller tram was designed for the transport of passengers, it was also used to transport merchandise down to the port. Fresh fish was carried from the Port to Sóller in a small isothermal car and coal was taken to the former military submarine base in the Port of Sóller and the “El Gas” factory on trailers; mines and torpedoes were also transported from the Caubet magazine. The three motor trams, numbered 1 to 3, and their trailers 5 and 6 are the originals, dating from 1912, ordered from Carde & Escoriaza in Zaragoza. The open ‘jardinera’ trailers were acquired from Palma trams in 1954. The Sóller tramway also has five motor trams from Lisbon, numbered 20 to 24 and re-gauged to fit the 914 mm track gauge.



Sóller-Port de Sóller:    7 €  

Port de Sóller- Sóller:    7 €

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