Explore the Beauty of Port de Sóller Views on an Exciting Hiking Route in Mallorca in September

September unquestionably ranks as one of the finest months of the year to relish hiking and cycling adventures along the northern coast of Mallorca. During this month, the scorching summer temperatures gradually recede, granting us days that are both cooler and clear, making outdoor physical activities much more comfortable. It's no surprise that in September, the Tramuntana region springs back to life, offering an ideal opportunity to explore its splendid hiking routes.

In this blog post, we delve into an exhilarating excursion that marks the commencement of the hiking season in the valley of Sóller. If you're an enthusiast of sports and nature, we invite you to join us on this unique journey: the trek to Mirador de Ses Barques along the pedra en sec GR-221 trail.


From Aimia Hotel to Camí Vell de Balitx: A Scenic Journey

To embark on our exciting excursion, we'll set off from Aimia Hotel, heading towards Camí de sa Figuera, located at the roundabout just outside the Port tunnel. Once there, we'll begin our ascent, and after approximately 20 minutes, we'll arrive at Llogaret de Sa Figuera, a charming village boasting an ancient defense tower. From there, we'll turn left, leaving the asphalt behind, and venture into Finca ca s’Hereu, a 17th-century estate. Here, we'll continue our ascent amidst fragrant orange groves and centuries-old olive trees until we reach the Sa Figuera road, accessible after passing through a gate.

We'll then follow the signs for the GR-221 route, taking us along the path to Coll d’en Marqués. This part of the journey is the steepest, but after a few minutes, we'll reach another barrier that, once crossed, will connect us to an old cart track. This path, far less steep, will guide us through ancient olive groves until we reach the houses of Can Verí. This marks the end of our uphill climb along a stepped section of Camí Vell de Balitx. Finally, we'll arrive at the highest point of our route: Es Mirador de Ses Barques, where we'll take our first break to refresh and savor the panoramic views of Puerto de Sóller and the Sierra de Tramuntana.

The Camí Vell de Balitx

After our pause, we'll continue our ascent, tackling the steepest part of the entire route due to its elevation gain. After a few minutes, we'll encounter another barrier, which, once crossed, will lead us onto an ancient cart track. This path is notably less steep, guiding us through age-old olive groves until we reach the houses of Can Verí. This location signifies the conclusion of our ascent along a stepped section of Camí Vell de Balitx, ultimately bringing us to the highest point of our journey: Es Mirador de Ses Barques.

Dine at Mirador de Ses Barques

Once we've reached the summit at 415 meters above sea level, we'll head to the restaurant at Mirador de Ses Barques to enjoy a 'pa amb oli' meal. While it's true that the restaurant primarily serves bar and 'pa amb oli' in the morning, we highly recommend indulging in a snack at their charming table next to the small bar. After our meal, we can relish some of the best panoramic views of the Bay of Puerto de Sóller and capture a few photographs before resuming our journey back to Puerto de Sóller. It's worth noting that if the restaurant's terrace is closed, we can still enjoy the views from the small lookout located just above the restaurant.

Cami de Balitx and Moncaire: Return to Puerto de Sóller

To start our descent, we'll ascend the stairs near the parking area of Mirador de Ses Barques. These stairs feature a GR-221 signpost indicating Balitx, Sa Costera, and Cala Tuent. We'll proceed along this fantastic path that meanders through olive groves until we reach the Balitx Estate and the Moncaire barrier. At this point, we'll turn left to return to the junction we took during the ascent to Mirador de Ses Barques, completing a circular connection with the same path we traversed during the ascent.


Return to Aimia Hotel

After advancing for a few minutes on Coll d'en Marqués, we'll reach a wooden stile. If we look to the left, we'll spot an ancient stone arch-built water fountain known as 'Sa Font d'en Marqués.' After leaving the fountain behind, we'll encounter another GR-221 signpost that will guide us, among other directions, toward the route back to the Sa Figuera Road and the Port de Sóller. We'll follow this direction until we return to the roundabout near the tunnel, where we'll conclude our excursion to Mirador de Ses Barques.

The excursion to Mirador de Ses Barques is an easy route with gentle slopes, traversing ancient and historical paths that are now integrated into the GR-221 route. This unique heritage reflects much of the history and life in the Tramuntana. We highly recommend this route, especially during the milder temperatures of the autumn and spring months, to fully savor it. This route invites us to discover the unique landscapes of the Sierra de Tramuntana and connect with nature in a very special way while enjoying our holidays in Puerto de Sóller.

If you are staying at the Aimia Hotel and would like more information about this or other wonderful hiking and cycling routes in the Tramuntana, please don't hesitate to ask our reception team! We will be happy to assist you!



Length: 4 hours aprox.
Difficulty:   Medium-Medium/Low 
Positive altitude: 437 m
Negative slope: 44 m
Distance: 11 km


Route: Port de Sóller - Llogaret de Sa Figuera - Camí vell de Balitx - Mirador de Ses Barques - Cami de Balitx - Moncaire - Coll d’en Marqués - Carretera de Sa Figuera - Port de Sóller.