01MAR Modification Tourism Tax Balearic Islands 2018

Dear Client of the Aimia Hotel,
We wish to inform you that the Balearic Parliament has approved the increase in the tax levied on stays in any tourist establishment in the Balearic Islands, which has been doubled and is applicable from January 1, 2018. This increase has been carried out through the modification of the Law 2/2016, of the Tax on Tourist Stays in the Balearic Islands, through Law 13/2017, of December 29, of general budgets of the autonomous community of the Balearic Islands for the year 2018 (BOIB No. 160 of 29 -12-2017).
The tax will depend on the type and category of the accomodation, being in our case (4 star superior hotel) 4,40 euros per day per adult (over 16 years old). 
During low season (between 1st November and 30th April of the following year) the tax will be discounted by 75%. In addition, after nine days of any stay, the rate will also be cut by 50%. Children under the age of 16 are exempt from paying the tax.
Therefore, any natural person (over the age of 16) staying in a tourist accommodation on the Balearic Islands is obliged to pay the before mentioned tax to the owner of the establishment where he/she is staying.
As a result of that and of our obligation to pay the tax to the tax authorities of the Balearic Islands, we hereby inform you that, in compliance with the current Law, we will proceed to charge you the above mentioned tax before you check out from our hotel. 
The money collected from the tax will go to a fund promoting sustainable tourism. The money will be used to fund projects encouraging a sustainable, responsible and high-quality tourism model, particularly projects that boost the preservation of the environment (nature, country life, agriculture and sea life), off-season tourism, historical sites and cultural heritage, research and development, education and employment. The projects will be selected by a Committee for Sustainable Tourism Promotion made up of representatives of the Balearic Government, Island Councils, City Councils, economic and social stakeholders and other organisations. The job of the Committee is to draw up an annual plan and set the key annual goals according to specific territorial balance criteria. 
In case you have any questions regarding the new tourist tax on the Balearic Islands, you can contact the Balearic Tax Agency by calling the number +34 901 201 530 or visit the web http://www.caib.es/sites/impostturisme/en/inicio/ . 
We wish you a pleasant stay at the Aimia Hotel