Open air yoga in Port Soller, connect with Nature and Find Inner Peace

Experience the Magic of Yoga in the Heart of Nature

Yoga Natur - Port de Soller
Yoga Natur - Port de Soller
Yoga Natur - Port de Soller
Yoga Natur - Port de Soller

Looking for a way to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and connect with nature? Look no further than Yoga Nature in Port Soller.

Yoga Nature, led by the experienced instructor Cristina Deya, offers a unique and authentic yoga experience that blends the tranquility of nature with the benefits of yoga. Cristina guides participants through a series of yoga postures while surrounded by the stunning beauty of the beach and surrounding mountains.

Enjoy yoga sessions in the open air and surrounded by nature in Port de Sóller with Hatha yoga teacher Christina from Natur Yoga Studio, who teaches Hatha Yoga classes for all levels. Allow yourself to spend time with your body and mind and enjoy the benefits of being close to nature and the practice of yoga. 

Natur Yoga holds its sessions in the middle of nature, in a privileged environment in Port de Sóller itself, every Tuesday and Thursday at 8:30hrs. It is recommended that you arrive a little earlier and bring your yoga mat and a towel. If this is not possible, mats can be provided on request. 

Price 15,00€ per person

4 class voucher 45,00€ per person

It is also possible to book a private yoga session without leaving the Aimia Hotel.

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