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FAQ about your visit and the Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Important information, recommendations and precautions in relation to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) that will help you plan your visit.

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I arrive at Palma airport, pick up my luggage and go to the main arrivals hall. What can I do from here?

In Spain, the use of a mask is compulsory for people aged 6 and over and in the Balearic Islands, you must maintain a safe distance of 1.5 m whenever possible and wear your mask at all times on public roads, in buildings and spaces open to the public, and on means of transport (wearing a mask is mandatory when you do not live with a fellow passenger). These rules should also be followed at all public primary care sites. Using a mask will not be obligatory in natural or outdoor areas located outside population centres, on beaches or promenades, or in swimming pools, as long as the number of people at these spaces allows social distancing to be maintained. The type of mask to be used must not have an exhalation valve. In catering establishments, you must follow these rules except when eating or drinking.

People with any type of respiratory illness or difficulty that may be aggravated by using a mask will not be required to do so.

It is recommended to make advance reservations online and to make payments by card or using mobile applications.


Transport in Mallorca: what are my options?

Public and private transport will operate normally; follow the instructions and protection measures given by each service provider.

With vehicles with drivers, you will be collected at the arrival gate or at the meeting point, with prior reservation.
With your own vehicle, if you prefer more flexibility, you can rent a vehicle and collect the keys at the corresponding rent-a-car office.
If you are taking taxis to get around, exit the airport building and head towards the taxi rank. Remember to wear a mask.
By bus to the city of Palma or to the beaches near the airport. Stop 547. On Palma buses, you must pay the exact amount; you can get a ticket at the machine at the stop itself before boarding. If you want to travel around Palma, we recommend the 10-trip ticket.

From Palma's main station, there is an extensive public transport network available to help you reach any of Mallorca's 53 municipalities.

If you want to travel to other islands by plane, you can plan your flights from here:

If you prefer to travel by boat, you can contact the boat companies here: /

If you want to book an excursion, sports activity, tourist boat or any other service, contact your nearest travel agency:


Hotels and tourist apartments: what services and infrastructure can I use?

Information on the use of and security measures for activities, eating in restaurants or direct phone lines for health services will be provided in each facility and hotel staff will keep you informed of any changes. Remember that it is obligatory to maintain a safe distance of 1.5m between other people outside your room and to wear a mask except when you go to eat or drink in catering establishments.

There will be disinfectant stations so that you can protect yourself at all times, remember to also protect any children accompanying you. If you share elevators, stairs or bathrooms, avoid touching buttons, knobs, railings and other shared surfaces.

Common areas, swimming pools and gyms... etc., will be limited to 75% of capacity, and could have some specific rules in place to allow distancing, limit time of use and ensure the hygiene of communal facilities.

If you engage in group activities such as hotel entertainment, avoid contact and try to maintain a safe distance. Groups of a maximum of 25 participants. Contact the facility for information on beach towels.

In restaurants there will be rules to protect both clients and the food; follow the instructions of the staff serving you. You can sit with your family or even with friends (up to a maximum of 25 people at group tables) with prior reservation.

Miniclubs may have some limitations; it is recommended that you contact the accommodation directly. Miniclubs are usually intended for children and youth aged 6-18. To guarantee compliance with current safety regulations, groups of a maximum of 20 participants will be formed with two supervisors that will not come into contact with other groups. The use of common areas will be take in turns. Activities can be organized outdoors or in covered spaces with consistent ventilation with a maximum of 100 participants.


Can I take sightseeing tours and excursions?

Mallorca’s main tourist resources are open to the public and can be visited. For specific information on schedules and conditions, access the website. It is recommended that you book in advance and pay by card or mobile applications.

Public and private spaces will have visible signs at the entrances, and their staff will give you specific instructions on distancing, capacity and access to services. In libraries, you can apply for book loans and sit in the study room (up to 75% of usual capacity).

If you are going on a guided tour, avoid shaking hands, follow their instructions and preventive measures both indoors and outdoors, even if you are using a means of transport. It is recommended that you avoid crowded places. Keep always a minimum distance of 1.5 m from other people. Groups of a maximum of 30 participants.


Can I play sports outdoors or at swimming facilities?

Yes, sports can be played individually or in a group up to a maximum of 20 people without physical contact.

Please, as far as possible, opt for online management of reservations, payment and customer service, so you can be informed in advance of use and access arrangements. Once in the facility, follow the instructions of the sports center, sailing club, natural area or swimming facility and maintain social distancing.

You can use the necessary sports equipment, as long as the staff of the establishment or the service provider gives it to you disinfected


Can I go to the beaches and coves?

Yes, the beaches and coves are open to the public, with some limitations.

At the entrances you will find posters with information on hygiene and prevention regulations.

A capacity limitation could be established, both on the beach and in the nearby car park and a distance of 2 metres will be compulsory between your belongings placed on the sand and those of other bathers.

Keep the 6 meters from shore to the sand free of towels and maintain 2 meters of social distance.

Practice sports individually.

Groups of up to 15 people are allowed.


Can I go to health resorts, swimming pools, jacuzzis, saunas, spas and water play areas?

Scientific authorities suggest that the use of chlorine in water could inactivate the virus and therefore prevent the risk of infection during bathing.

Follow staff instructions, to comply with capacity and length of stay. This prevents crowding in common spaces and allows the cleaning of communal areas that you need to use in order to enjoy the facility.


Can I go to restaurants, bars or cafés?

Yes, bars, restaurants and cafés are open with normal opening hours, with a maximum capacity of 50% and table separation indoors and 75% on terraces, with table separation, with a maximum occupancy of 20 people.

Drinking at the bar is permitted provided that a minimum distance of 2 meters is maintained. In any case, self-service products will not be available, prioritizing single disposable products or other forms of service.

Posters will be displayed informing customers of the hygiene and disinfection guidelines. The waiters will assist you on arrival and direct you to your table both inside and outside. You may find well-defined spaces or features to indicate distancing.

If you go to a buffet service, there will be protective screens and food will be plated up individually.


Will open-air markets be open?

Yes, and their capacity has been increased to half of their usual or authorized places. A limitation of the flow of customers is maintained, so that the social distance of two metres can be maintained and to ensure that the products sold cannot be handled by consumers.


Can I travel around the whole island?

Yes you can, in private cars or by bus, keeping the required distance. If travelling with your family, you can occupy adjacent seats in the car.


Where can I buy face masks and alcohol or hygiene products?

At any pharmacy, prices are regulated by law. You can also buy the products in large stores.

You will find a list of pharmacies open in Mallorca at this link:


Can I go shopping?

Yes, stores and shopping malls are open with normal opening hours, with a maximum capacity of 40%. If there are common areas, the capacity is limited to 30%.


Can I go to the cinema, the theater, museums, exhibition halls or visit a library?

Yes, they will be open with their normal opening hours. Check the opening hours and book on their web pages.

At museums, monuments and exhibition halls, as well as cinemas, theaters, circuses and similar spaces, the maximum capacity will be 50%.

Groups of up to 20 people can visit museums, exhibition halls and monuments, as long as members of the group remain 2 meters apart.


Can I go to mass or visit churches?

Yes, access to places of worship is allowed up to 75% capacity.


Can I go to weddings or hold a wedding?

Yes, weddings can be held in all kinds of facilities, either indoors or outdoors, provided that they do not exceed 75% capacity, and in any case up to a maximum of 150 people in outdoor spaces or 75 people indoors.


Can I participate in a work conference?

Yes you can attend congresses, meetings, business meetings and conferences with a maximum of 50 attendees.


What should I do if I develop symptoms associated with the virus?

Stay at your accommodation, and call (+34) 902 079 079 or (+34) 971 437 079 in case of cough, fever or tiredness, and 061 in case of urgent care, and wait for instructions. Remember that staying in your accommodation contributes to containing the virus. When coughing or sneezing, cover your mouth and nose with a bent elbow.


Does Mallorca have enough hospitals and health centers?

Yes, if you have any health problems, you can go to 4 public hospitals and 2 public-private hospitals. Mallorca has over 10 private hospitals with their emergency units spread across the island. There are more than 45 public health centers and 86 basic health units distributed across all the island’s municipalities.

It is advisable to travel with an insurance policy with medical coverage taken out at home, to avoid expensive treatments. If you have any doubts about what to do or if you need medical assistance, consult your hotel for the most up-to-date information.

More information about COVID-19 here



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